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......@@ -4,11 +4,29 @@ A QT and Python3 based graphical control panel for the Lepton-Grabber
## Installation
Checkout the lepton-grabber code and run through its install process then run
the file
The application can be installed from pypi using pip:
pip install SimfPythonGUI
On some systems you may need to specify Python 3's version of pip:
pip3 install SimfPythonGUI
Package information can be found on the
[pypi package page]( for the project.
## Usage
The gui can be launched from the command line assuming your python package
path is set up properly using the command:
## Dependencies
Dependencies should be managed automatically when installed with pip, but they
are provided here for reference.
* Python3
* PyQT5
* watchdog
......@@ -29,4 +47,6 @@ The code is hosted online in two locations and accepting pull requests:
## Questions, comments, issues?
Please use the contact information on [my website](
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Please use the contact information on [my website]( For
my most recent contact info, I'm happy to help even though by the time you're
reading this I'm long graduated, just shoot me an email.
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